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Moms and Dads: You Deserve Some "Me Time"

Get your me time for FREE by setting up a Babysitting Barter Cooperative Village with your friends and family. Schedule babysitting and play dates with your friends with just one click. Pay with free points and be happy.

Breathe in . . .breathe out. A moment of freedom will soon be yours and this cooperative model is FOREVER FREE.

Paid Babysitter Guarantee: Make More Money
Per Sit On Our Site

When you sign up to be a paid babysitter on Babysitting Barter, you literally get paid TWICE to babysit: once by parents and once by our site in the form of Barter Bonus. Redeem your Barter Bonus for Cash, Coupons or Concerts (iTunes Gift Cards) above and beyond the money you receive from parents.

Never before could you make so much money by babysitting.

Can I connect to paid babysitters?
Yes, you can always purchase Gold Points to schedule paid sitters on our site. These points act as a means of scheduling your sitters based on the number of children you have and the number of hours of the sit. We have monthly, annual and ala carte plans each with different tiers so you can customize your plan to exactly how often you plan on hiring paid babysitters?

What is a Babysitting Cooperative?
A Babysitting Cooperative is a group of friends and family who come together to help make life easier. Rather than paying babysitters to watch their children, families involved in a babysitting cooperative realize that, by working together, they can end their reliance on paid babysitters. In a babysitting cooperative, parents take turns watching other cooperative members' children as well as get together for social gatherings.

How Does It Work?
Babysitting Barter offers you the best of both worlds in requesting babysitting: a choice. You can form a babysitting cooperative and use our site forever free, trading Cooperative Points when you offer to sit for or obtain babysitting from your family and friends. You also have the choice of becoming a premium member and connecting through our Trustworthy Ties program so that you can schedule paid babysitting. The best part is that when you are a premium member and you send out a request to your family and to the paid babysitters, if your family says yes, then you do not have to pay for babysitting. Better yet, we manage the whole thing for you.

Are babysitting cooperatives free?
Yes, they are free. They are made up of your friends who rotate babysitting when they are available and they do it for free. This feature will be "Forever Free!" on BabysittingBarter.com

How can I join a babysitting cooperative?
You can join a free babysitting cooperative by starting your own village and inviting your friends or checking out the active cooperative villages in your area.

What is "Kid Stories" about?
Kid Stories is a feature where you can share the best and worst about your children. As parents we've all been there and this is your chance to share your kids stories and read and up vote other peoples' stories. We group the categories into four general areas: Adorable, Hilarious, Crazy and Horrible. Check out the type of stories our members post here and share one of your own.

Does it cost anything to join Babysitting Barter?
No, a membership with Babysitting Barter is free. We provide a service for families to make their lives easier.

However, to connect with and schedule paid babysitters, you must purchase Gold Points.

How do I know I can trust your paid babysitters?
Through our Trustworthy Ties program, we encourage parents to connect to other parents that they know on our site via their Facebook Friends. That way, they can see who their friends are connected to and make connections through their Trustworthy Ties.

In addition to our Trustworthy Ties program, you can reference background checks on sitters, view their ratings and comments from past parents as well as their profile listing their skills and describing their approach to babysitting.

As with babysitting obtained offline, use your judgment, obtain as many referrals as you can and always put the safety of your children above all else. Trust your gut.

What are the Gold Points and how do they operate?
Gold Points are purchased to schedule paid babysitters. Each time you schedule a sitter, you transfer 10 Gold Points for your first child per hour. Each additional child is an additional 2 points per hour. This is not your payment. You still must pay the sitter. Essentially, this is your fee to be able to use our one click system to easily schedule free and paid babysitters and access our Trustworthy Ties program.

The best part about it is that Babysitting Barter shares the wealth and offers these Gold Points to paid babysitters as a Barter Bonus, where they can redeem the Gold Points for Cash, Coupons or Concerts (iTunes Gift Cards).
So every time you schedule a paid babysitter through Babysitting Barter, you are giving them an extra tip redeemable for actual money. We believe this is how a babysitting company creates a community, by sharing the benefits of our site with everyone involved.

What if one of my relatives (like my Mom) wants to sit for me, but isn’t interested in receiving any Cooperative Points for babysitting my children?

You have the ability to mark your friends and family as a relative and then the Cooperative Points will be turned off for that member. You will still be able to schedule sits with them, however.

Can I be a part of more than one cooperative village?

Certainly. The more the merrier. We understand that people run in different circles of friends and sometimes they overlap and sometimes they don’t. That is why you can create as many free cooperative villages as you choose.

Can I gift points?
Yes, if you feel that you paid babysitter has done a great job, you can gift Gold Points to them as a form of a tip.

Can't I just do this on my own?
Yes . . . if you don’t mind calling/texting your Mom, sister, friend and three paid babysitters separately, leaving messages, waiting for their responses and confirming with the one you want the most while, potentially hurting other people’s feelings.

Now, all you need to do is choose your time and click, "Request A Sitter." At Babysitting Barter, we’ve automated the rest so that you can get to your “me time” a whole lot quicker and without any hassle.

What if something happens to my child during a play date set up with Babysitting Barter?
Babysitting Barter does not guarantee the safety of your child. Babysitting Barter merely sets up and tracks the total points of each Babysitting Barter Village. We, in no way, vouch for the ability of any of the Babysittting Barter Village members. We strongly recommend that you only use friends in your Babysitting Barter Villages and make sure that both you and your child are familiar with the sitters and all parties what to do in case of emergency.

What is the Babysitting Barter guarantee?
Babysitting Barter guarantees that you will earn more per sit on Babysitting Barter than on any other online babysitting site.

How can Babysitting Barter make such a guarantee?
Babysitters earn from parents whatever they choose to charge whether that be on Babysitting Barter or any of the other sites. On Babysitting Barter, however, every time you schedule a sit, you earn Gold Points that have real value. You can redeem them for Cash, Coupons, or Concerts (iTunes Gift Cards.)

How can I earn money without even babysitting?
Babysitting Barter has what’s called the Sitter Circle. In our referral system, we reward Babysitters who recommend their friends to our service. For everyone you recommend who signs up, you will receive 30% of their Gold Points for the first five sits and 2% of their Gold Points every sit after that.

That’s not all, every person in your Sitter Circle who refers someone else (your friends’ friends), you receive 1 % of their Gold Points (after the fifth sit) for their entire time on Babysitting Barter.

How much is a Gold Point worth?
They range in value depending on whether you redeem it for Cash, Coupons or Concerts (iTunes Gift Cards) and depending the amount you redeem it for. The payout can go up to 7 cents per point for cash to up to 20 cents per point for Coupons. Generally, an average 4-5 hour sit will give you a Barter Bonus value of anywhere between $3 to $6 dollars.

How do I apply for a job on Babysitting Barter?
On Babysitting Barter, we believe that it is best to connect parents to babysitters, not babysitters to jobs. The way you obtain requests for babysitting is by forming Trustworthy Ties with parents. You receive babysitting requests each time one of your Trustworthy Ties asks for a sitter.

What is a Trustworthy Tie?
A Trustworthy Tie is a connection that you make with a parent. A parent can request a Trustworthy Tie based on your profile, your rating or the comments from a parent whom you’ve sit for. Parents most often connect to paid babysitters through their own Trustworthy Ties on the site.

Not only can a parent request you as a Trustworthy Tie, but also you can request a parent to be your Trustworthy Tie. You should make requests to your friends’ parental Trustworthy Ties, as well as people you know from the area based on their connections and their profile description.

How do I increase my Trustworthy Ties?
Make sure you take great care filling out your profile details. Give thoughtful answers to the questions and make sure to check your entry for grammatical and spelling errors. Be as positive as possible and remember that you are tasked with a great responsibility: caring for someone’s children. Make sure that your best qualities shine through on your profile.

In addition to your profile, reach out to parents in a thoughtful manner after carefully reading their profile to see what they are looking for in a sitter.

Why should I refer my friends if they will be my competition for babysitting jobs?
You should work together with your friends to expand your Trustworthy Tie parent network. You will not always be available for every sit and neither will your friends. If you share your resources, you can be assured of connecting with people you know and trust and you will be much more apt to match up with someone who is looking for a job.

Another reason to refer your friends, is their gain is your gain through the Sitter Circle program, where you get a commission on Gold Points from the people you refer as well as the people your referrals refer.

"Babysitting Barter provides the well deserved break you need. Schedule and trade free babysitting with your family and friends or choose paid babysitters recommended by your neighbors.

Babysitting Barter offers the best of both worlds and all with one click of a button."